Product Development

In today’s health market the real challenge is to churn out effective and innovative products within a short span of time. Moreover the products have to be absolutely safe, affordable, and should yield immediate results. This difficult winning formula needs expert handling and GENOMELABS is the perfect answer to it.

We are the preferred partner for new product development and manufacturing of wellness and fitness formulations, as we offer studied innovation, with reduced product development cycle, reduced costs and uncompromised quality. We handhold clients throughout the entire product development life-cycle from product formulation, to developing alternatives, building the actual product, packaging it in safe and hygienic conditions and finally distributing it across heterogeneous markets. Moreover we use the best industry practices and high quality raw materials to ensure absolute safety in consumption of any of our consumables.

Stability Studies

Be confident about your products with our in-depth stability studies. At Genomelabs we offer comprehensive stability studies which throw insights into the quality of your drug substance or drug product, its reaction with time under the influence of a variety of environmental factors, its retest period, shelf life, recommended storage conditions amongst other factors.

Following Stability Tests are available with us for nutrition, herbal ingredients and formulations:

Real-time | Accelerated
High Temperature and High Humidity Degradation Studies
Product Packing Interaction Studies

Analytical Method Development

Efficiently move your formulations and ingredients towards approval and commercialization by using our analytical method development and validation activities. At Genomelabs, we undertake analytical method validation activities for nutrition and ayurceuticals products including, in-vitro efficacy studies.

Commercial Manufacturing

Partnering with us gives you the advantage of having all services under one roof including comprehensive contract manufacturing services. With a state-of-the-art, fully equipped manufacturing facility and adherence to highest quality standards and compliances , we are an ideal partner for your manufacturing needs.

At Genomelabs, we are equipped to manufacture the following products:

Tablets | Powders | Capsules | Liquids | Food Supplements | AYUSH products