Genomelabs is a sustainable innovation of Nature and Research.

Taking inspiration from our beautiful surroundings, we make world-class Nutrition, Nutri- cosmetics, Ayurceuticals, and Fitness products full of natural ingredients-to solve real problems for real people. Genomelabs is on a wellness revolution, empowering consumers to take control of their health by making informed decisions and choosing the right products. Our expert-led contributions are always a step ahead in the Nutraceutical space.


Promote health by using natural, sustainable, and science-based supplements. Genomelabs is on a mission to make healthcare more accessible and affordable without compromising quality. From sourcing the ingredients to testing and packaging, we emphasize excellence at every step.


Our vision at Genomelabs is to contribute to society's highest level of physical, social, and mental well-being. Additionally, we hope to dismantle barriers in healthcare by developing efficient and affordable formulations for people from all socio-economic backgrounds.

Our Values

Consumers' champion

We stand up for our people. We always want to be the first choice of our customers and health enthusiasts.

Quality, Reliability and Safety

Quality, Reliability and safety are vital to our R&D, Manufacturing & Marketing.

Continuous innovation

Our DNA is wired for continuous innovation, inspiring us to explore new frontiers. It has sparked partnerships, new products, acquisitions, and innovative working methods.


Respect is an integral part of the culture and is reflected in every aspect of our company operations.


Our Executive Director, Mr Suresh Raju, is always passionate about society and wants it to be healthy and fit. This obsession led to the inception of Genomelabs Bio Pvt Ltd with its sole aim to enrich people's lives through advancements in the Nutraceutical space.

Genomelabs, an organization with a group of qualified and experienced researchers, produces top-quality nutritional, dietary supplement, ayurvedic, fitness, and wellness products.

A special message from our experts

" It gives us immense pleasure to see how knowledge and compassion are helping society to make conscious decisions about health and wellness. From eating right to realizing the power of natural ingredients, each product is sourced and made after a well-researched process. "